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Use your home to get out of Debt Review and settle your debts

If you own a property and you are permanently employed, we can help you with finance when no one else will.

Our customers use loans to:

Remove you from Debt Review

Remove themselves out of debt review

Debt Consolidation

Consolidate all their expensive debts into their bond

Provide funding for education

Pay for primary and tertiary education


Renovate their homes

Earn Cash

Transfer properties into their own name

How to get out of Debt Review? 

Times can be tough. Be it COVID -19 related or not, surviving financially can lead to us taking out high interest, unsecured debt in order to fund our lifestyles. While at first this may seem harmless, it can quickly develop into a mountain of debt that can seem impossible to get out from under. But what then? What do you do if you can’t pay it back? One method many lenders use is to put you under debt review. But what is debt review? Is debt review the only option? 

How to Refinance Your Debt into Your Bond? 

Debt can be one of two things, an enabler that gives you cash when you need it or another asset that adds value to your life. While long term debt can allow you to buy assets that can help you to create a better life, short term debt can land you a lot of high interest debt. 

We assist customers who are in arrears with their accounts, struggling with judgements, and who are in debt review.

We give you access to the value in your home to finance your loan.


Your Property

R1 Million

Minus the outstanding bond with your bank

R200 000

Equals the money available to you.

R800 000

The value in your home is the cheapest form of funding, that is available to you to pay off, personal, retail and vehicle debts.

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Do you have existing clients who are homeowners? Are banks declining advances on their homeloans?

The Bond Optimiser product is tailor-made to assist homeowners that are in arrears with accounts, have judgements or are under debt review.